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Automotive industry

Electronic and pneumatic manipulators for automotive industry

The automotive industry is undoubtedly one of the most advanced in applying the latest principles of ergonomics in its choices of technology and settings of processes. The automotive industry is the one that first of all adopted very strict guidelines regarding safety and ergonomics for operators, thus requiring advanced technology that ensures precise, fast and smooth movements, with rotations and special sensors.

Traditional manipulators have some limitations to be able to meet these requirements due to the pneumatic control technology. Everywhere positioning accuracy and good visibility or frequent and repetitive movements are required, the manipulator must have a lightweight and compact design, and above all it must be equipped with adequate technology to automatically balance the weight; the manipulator must respond in real time immediately after the touch of the operator, without any additional effort to counteract the forces of inertia and gravity after the first lifting of the load from the support and after changing its direction along the Z axis

This is only possible with intelligent material handling devices or INDEVA.

INDEVA is referred to in the literature as a single-axis or complex device that uses a programmable hybrid control system controlled by a computer and a human being in order to strengthen the power of human muscles. It is a smart industrial manipulator, which allows the operator to manipulate with almost no effort on any object within the work area.

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