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Power Supply Systems

We offer designing services, implementation and installation of power supply systems for material handling equipment. We complete control systems and power supply systems for overhead travelling cranes and other handling equipment, new or upgraded. In our projects, we focus on friendly solutions for operators and maintenance technicians. All of our systems are designed in such a way as to allow their repair using generally accessible tools and accessories. We adjust the electrical equipment to the standards prevailing in the customer’s plant to reduce his stocks of spare parts. We provide installation, tests, electrical measurements and training in the field of operation and maintenance of our equipment.


We offer power supply systems for electromagnetic grippers.

Our systems are equipped with:

  • three-phase transformers
  • special DC relays for switching electromagnets on and off
  • three-phase diode or thyristor rectifier
  • optional backup battery packs
  • Programmable Logic Controller which accomplishes the following functions depending on the application of the electromagnet:
    • monitoring the relative working time of electromagnets
    • protection against leaving the electromagnet turned on
    • adjustment of the magnetic force (amount of material to be taken)
    • letting down the excessive material lifted
    • electromagnet impact actuation (more scrap metal to be lifted)
    • demagnetization of the material to be lifted (for machining)

We complete mobile connections depending on your requirements, using:

  • cable trolley system
  • cable drums
  • cable guides
  • cable baskets on the cross-beams
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